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The Robinetterie Close (Close Fittings), was a Liege manufacturer with a good reputation in its field. The company was founded in the early 20th century and fell victim in the eighties to competition from Eastern European and Asian countries, as well as to difficulties in the Walloon industrial sector.

Fortunately, after several vicissitudes (first bought up in 1988), it was acquired by the Dalemann group and renamed RISTERM in April 1994.

The new shareholder developed on-site as well as in-house maintenance at their workshop on the Rue Côte d’Or at Sclessin.

In 1998, RISTERM developed a second site at Charleroi. In 2003, RISTERM was integrated into the same group as JASPAR & Co., at that time with already around 50 workers.

On 1 April 2004 Claude Lenzoni, via his holding company Versilia, acquired all the shares of JASPAR and RISTERM.

Claude Lenzoni, convinced of the company’s potential for development, decided to combine the two workshops into one (new construction in Villers-Le-Bouillet). Installation in the new workshop took place in January 2005.

The results soon confirmed his forecast , as it became necessary to build a second workshop in 2007.

In 2009, RISTERM opened a site in Lokeren to develop its activities in Flanders.

In September 2009, Meusinvest capitalized RISTERM.

In June 2012, the companies RISTERM, JASPAR, TUBE INDUSTRIE and POMMEE came together with the help of MEUSINVEST to form the TECHNEM group


Risterm is now part of ENGIE Solutions

In 2021, Risterm was acquired by ENGIE Fabricom who, with its Valve repair shop in Zwijndrecht, is the Belgian market leader when it comes to the testing, maintenance and revision of diverse valves and the corresponding peripherals. With this expansion, ENGIE Fabricom is aiming to further strengthen its leading position.

Risterm will remain a separate legal entity and will continue to operate from its two branches in Villers-le-Bouillet and Lokeren.


The TECHNEM Group supplies complete fluid technology solutions: valves, tanks, piping, gas pressure-reducing and metering stations, etc.